Frédéric L’Épée

Music for Images

In 2017, I've been asked by a friend, great photographer and visual art professional, a music background for an advertisement for Champagne. I selected two of my musical archives and proposed them to him. He chose one and I made a short piece fitted to the duration and the rhythm of the video.
That gave me the idea to use my archive sketches as music for images: All instrumental short pieces from thirty seconds to five minutes long to offer for licensing.

If you are interested in adding my music to your work, please contact me.


I have been given a wonderful chance in my life: to be able to create music easily under any circumstances. Music is a constant flow in my head. Whatever I'm doing: Practicing, resting, driving a car, doing sport, watching a movie, music is always there.

When I am home, I simply record the idea if possible, or write it down if not. When I am outside, I always carry a little music notebook.
Then I sometimes take the time to listen back to some of these ideas and decide for what purpose it would be the most appropriate, one of my band, a solo work, an improvisation frame or a New Music piece.
Sometimes, I find the idea not so interesting and it ends up in the trash bin.

But sometimes, I find it good but not fitting to any of the projects I mention above. Then it becomes an archived sketch, something that I can't use right now, but which I keep, waiting for an opportunity to use it.