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Teaching guitar

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Teaching guitar and music

I am a rock guitarist who decided one day to learn musical theory, and music writing (harmony, counterpoint, fugue). It allowed me to understand the founding principles of rock and blues music, and to be able to explain them to my students.

One does not learn music nowadays like 30 years ago.
Someone who wishes to play an instrument is able, thanks to modern means, to learn according to his or her musical taste.
In that case, the teacher's job is to guide the student through his learning process, avoiding bad postures, wrong fingerings, and to suggest him theory and practice elements which fit to his availability and purposes.
The program offered to the student is fully customised.
It is an evolving process beginning with some primary practice, theory (mainly about chords at the beginning), but focused on the pleasure to play, starting as soon as possible to play songs and favourite repertoire.
The teacher helps the student to overcome tricks of the chosen song, to correct flaws as soon as they appear in order to avoid bad habits.
Thereafter, if wished, any development towards exploration of new repertoires, improvisation, arrangement or composing is possible.
To play guitar is difficult, but learning can be done without losing connection with music.
Music stays the priority.
The learning process is defined as follows
• Starting from the favourite repertoire of the student, emphasis is put on the development of his own style.
• Mechanical exercises
• Chords theory
• Modes knowledge
• Ear training
• Rhythm
• Harmony
• Composition and arrangement technique
• Repertoire
• Improvisation
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On line teaching with web cam

3 working options:
On line Guitar lessons: Like a normal lessons, but on line: identification of your needs, formulation of a practice program aiming to achieve your purposes illustrated by songs proposed by you or me. Each lesson lasts 1 hour.
Consultation: We can meet on line for a single technique or theory problem. Consultation is 15 minutes long at least.
Picking out songs (solos, rhythms so on...) : If you want to play a song which is not written on score or tab (or poorly done), I can pick it out by ear at once and learn it to you.

Conditions and Price

During the virus Crisis the price of the lessons for Berliner students is the same than for physical meetings

To get a lesson on line you need:
• A high speed Internet connection.
• A good quality web cam (I need to see properly your fingers !).
• A good quality microphone (built in or not).
• For electric guitarists, an amplifier or an audio system Hi-Fi, P.A. (the sound must be captured by the microphone).
• A communication software (MSN or Skype).

Price : Lessons : €45 for 1 hour. Consultation : €15 for 15mn. Picking up songs : €15 for 15mn
Frédéric L'Epée - Guitar teacher

How to register

1) The student sends me an email.
2) After this first contact, we exchange our ID and settle a meeting time on line (having regard to time zones) on a com. software.
3) The first meeting is free. The student takes contact at the settled time. At this moment we define the kind of work we'll do together.
4) The lessons' payment will be done by bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal fee to be added). As soon as I receive the payment, I get in touch with the student for the lesson's meeting.
5) The student connects her-himself in time and the lesson begins.