Frédéric L’Épée


About me

Self taught guitarist, my musical career starts in 1974 founding the progressive rock band Shylock (2 LP for CBS records, since reissued on CD in 1994 and 1996 by Musea records). Shylock disbanded in 1979, but reunited in 2012 to perform in festivals.
From 1984 to 1988, I studied composition, harmony, counterpoint and fugue at the Nice Conservatory, awarded First Prize in 1988.

Interested in Steve Reich’s works, I founded in 1987 the electric guitar ensemble Philharmonie within which I worked on contrapuntal combinations techniques initiated by this composer.
In 1995, I created for my students the Nice Guitar Cercle, a 14 members group, performing as well baroque music (Bach, Vivaldi, Couperin), rock music (Led Zeppelin, Brian Eno, Fred Frith) as contemporary minimalists music (Steve Reich, Terry Riley).

In 2000 I created, with the guitarist Serge Pesce, the G.L.I. (Groupement de Libres Improvisateurs – Free improvisers group) organizing performances and workshops. During this period of time, I began solo improvised performances in Art Centers as well as solo concerts in clubs and venues around Nice.

I founded in 2002 the band Yang (2 guitars, bass and drums - 1 CD Cuneiform Records, 2 CD Yang Music).

From 2003 to 2013, I lived and teached in Paris where I initiated electric guitar workshops in La Cité de la Musique.

From 2012, I collaborate with e – w e r k, a Berliner e-guitar ensemble dedicated to contemporary repertoire.
I moved to Berlin in 2013

On the other hand, I keep composing contemporary music.
La Fin du rêve”, for electric guitar and accordion was premiered in june 2010 by the Brilling-Mahnken Duo in Berlin BKA Theater (and is regularly performed since then).
"Twists and Turns" my last solo elecric guitar piece, was premiered in June 2015 by myself at Quiet Cue also in Berlin.
"Divergences" for guitar, was premiered in September 2015 by Erich Schachtner at the Chilli Jazz Festival in Graz.
"Etude Campanologique n°3" for 4 electric guitars, was premiered in November 2015 by e - w e r k at Klangwerkstatt Festival für Neue Musik in Berlin.

I am completing a solo electric guitar album made of Etudes and compositions for electric guitar which should be released during 2021.