Frédéric L’Épée

Shylock Mouans

October 2023

The recording of Yang next album will occur in December. 13 songs, 6 sung by Carla Kihlstedt (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), 2 by Laurent James, 2 by the whole band. It should be released in the first half of 2024 on Cuneiform Records.
The name of the album will be Rejoice!

I had to postpone my project of solo performances to work on the financing of the album. But I have plenty of ideas and a new solo guitar album en route.

The sheet music of "12 piecces for solo electric guitar" has been released with the Etude N°3 included on the CD-R joined to the book. 92 pages. The Etudes and variations are written with notes and tabs. The contemporary classic pieces with notes only. Available on my Bandcamp page or on my website)

April/May 2023

12 Pieces for Solo Electric Guitar has been released on Bandcamp as download only on April 27th. This album is for me a great achievement!

Winter has been busy:

The next Yang album is on the tracks. It should contain 13 songs!
I would like recording to start next summer for a release hopefully early 2024.
In addition, one of my favourite singers, that some of you surely know, will appear on several songs. I shall reveal her name when we start to work together (soon!).

I also opened subscriptions to my Bandcamp page.
This has a special meaning to me. Until now, I didn't fully realize how obsolete the usual musical commercial network is.
And as I haven't performed any solo concerts recently, which I intend to change soon, the communication with my listeners remains sporadic, if not imaginary.
Social networks are less and less convivial and effective to exchange with my audience.

Therefore this subscription page will have several purposes:

- Establish a bond with and within the persons interested in my work.
- The opportunity to share nascent ideas, new pieces but also past research and souvenirs with my audience, another way to feel more connected to reality.
- For me the sustainability of my work as a musician,
- For my supporters, the satisfaction of taking an active part in my musical production.

Ultimately, it seems to be all about connection...

Three solo concerts are already available as exclusive albums for subscribers and new material will be uploaded at least every month.

You can have a look at my video on my Bandcamp subscription page