Frédéric L’Épée

Rock Music

Yang Gouveia

Shylock Mouans

Philharmonie Nice

Rock guitarist

As a rock and progressive rock musician, I am composer and guitarist of the bands Shylock, Philharmonie, Yang and Lobotonics. Nevertheless I also compose rock music which cannot fit with any of these bands.
These solo pieces can be considered as progressive rock with electronics (e-drums, synths etc.) in which I play and record all instruments in my own studio.

Solo Rock oriented albums

Mont Analogue art

"Le Mont Analogue" (electric guitar, synth., e.drums)
Inspired by the novel "Le Mont Analogue" by the french author René Daumal
Traces art

"Traces" (electric guitar, e.drums)
First collection of solo concert pieces
Music for Lovers art

"Music for Lovers" (electric guitar, e.drums)
Music for lovers
The Hollow Place art

"The Hollow Place" (electric guitar, electronics)
In preparation
Telluries art

"Telluries" (electric guitar, electronics)
Second collection of solo concert pieces
In preparation