Frédéric L’Épée

Shylock Mouans

March 2019

This month starts the crowdfunding campaign for my next solo album: The Empty Room, but I didn't choose the platform yet.
Mixing should be complete in early April and the release is planned for June 2019

Preparing the next Yang rehearsals in April: 5 pieces for the new album, to be released in 2020...

January 2019

2019 will see the release of at least two of my five ongoing projects :

The first one, very dear to me, is the solo album « The Empty Room », that I started to compose a long time ago as a tribute paid to deceased people whom I cherish. It has been a long process, as since 2010 I lost almost every year someone close to my heart. These eleven titles are inspired by leaving, grief, loss and the Chinese idea of respect paid to ancestors.

I am now in the process of finding the right cover art for this release. I want it to be a perfect match with the music and the name of the album.

The digital release of "Sketches for Images", 15 short pieces related to visual arts and mixed by Markus Reuter (Stick Men) is on bancamp.
It is now possible to listen to and buy all my solo music on my Bandcamp page.

November - December

Invited in Moscow on December 14th with Steppe Scape. Can't wait to meet all these wonderful people again!

September - October

- Yang concert in Nice, on October 3rd as support of Tony MacAlpine and Stuart Hamm. It was great to play in our town, many friends were there, and we enjoyed the concert very much.

- Two new songs for the next Yang album are at work.

- I am also resuming the work on the solo album The Empty Room. Starting to work on mixing.

- A lot of new students in Berlin. Nice to meet all these new people!

Summer 2018

Volodia, Yang's drummer had surgery on his right knee. We had to cancel our concert at the festival Rock au Chateau. Crescendo festival was great! We met old friends and made new ones.

May - June

- Preparing Yang's concerts in August: Aug. 4th at 17:30 Rock au Chateau: - Aug. 18th at 19:00 Crescendo festival:

- Sketches for Images is completed. Should be released as an album in 2019. For the while available to streaming on SoundCloud:

- Happy to be part of the wonderful project Steppe Scape at the Spirit of Tengri festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Big success, great moments and new friendships!

- Working on new videos of my solo music. The next one: Sans Réponse, from the Philharmonie album "The last Word". To be released on YouTube in June.

March - April

- I started live recordings of some of my solo pieces that have never been played on stage. The 1st one, Etude N°1 for plectrum guitar, is now on Youtube

- The project "Panik im Spektrum" is born. It will be a series of performances of new music and rock pieces performed by a rock band.

- New songs for Yang sound great! But we have to prepare for our 2 festivals in France (see below).

- Thanks to Markus Reuter I will be performing in June in Kazakhstan with Buryat, Kazakh and Tuva musicians. Markus (touch guitar) and Merlin Ettore (drums) will be my fellow European musicians of the show.

2018 - January - February

- Starting to think about a new composition in which I will build a mobile architecture interlocking Rock feelings sounds and pulses with Contemporary Music structures and texture developments. It could be an "Etude Campanologique n°4".

- Sketches for Images is at work. Very happy about the first mixings by Markus Reuter. On platforms like Audiojungle, Pond 5 and Soundtradr, but free streaming on Soundcloud:

- Four pieces composed for the next Yang album. Our 1st meeting of the year will occur in April to start rehearsing them.

- Yang will play in 2 festivals next summer:

Rock au Chateau on Saturday August 4th at 17:30

Festival Crescendo on Saturday August 18th at 19:00

November - December

- e - w e r k concert at Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin on Friday November 9th. Electric Attack #4 "Untergrundnetz mit Sternenlicht" - Soundcollage/Improvisation/Microtonal - E-Werk last concert of the year

- First songs for the next Yang album completed

- Starting to work on adapting the (maybe hundreds of) ideas from my recent and old archives for media (images, films, broadcast of any kind)

September - October

- Concert of Shylock at ProgDay, Chapel Hill NC. on Sept. 3rd at 17:00

- Starting the composition of the next Yang album

- e - w e r k concert at Akademie der Künst, Berlin on Thursday October 20th at 20:00. Electric Attack #3 "Aceton" - Some very difficult but beautiful pieces on the program

July - August

- Yang concert at Sommer Musik Fest - Knüllköpfchen - (Bad Hersfeld) - Germany on July 30th 2017, 22:00

- Resuming rehearsals with Shylock. And a few days rest at Laurent's villa!

May - June

- Yang concert at the Wabe, Berlin on Thursday May 25th.

- "The Failure of Words" is now on ITunes, Spotify, Deezer, CDBaby. Nice reviews on

March - April

- Release of the DVD "Yang at the Blue Star"

- e - w e r k concert at Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin on Friday March 24th. Electric Attack #1 "The Sroke that kills" - Rock oriented new music

- e - w e r k concert at BKA Theater, Berlin on Tuesday April 25th. Electric Attack #2 "Stars & Bells", new music (We perform my piece "Etude campanologique n°3")

2017 - January - February

- Release of "The Failure of Words" by Yang, mixed by Benjamin Schäfer and Markus Reuter, produced by Markus Reuter and myself. Very happy with the result.

- A concert in Berlin planned for Yang. Maybe in May.

August - September

- Crowfunding campaign for "The Failure of Words" launched!

- Photos of the Bruno Mendonça piece "Le Livre Interdit" (the forbidden book) which will illustrate the album's cover will be made by François Fernandez

June - July

- On July 15th at 21h Yang performs at the Studio Blue Star in Nice. The concert will be recorded and filmed for a DVD.

- Starting the recording of "The Failure of Words", the next Yang album. In the same time recording and filming a video for a fundraising for this project.

April - May

- Playing with nightingales in Berlin parks during the night of 27th and 29th with David Rothenberg, clarinet and Lembe Lokk, voice (on 27th no audience, only birds and us for a film)

Some new projects started since the begining of the year:
- A new "Frames" album with looper/delay and very few electronics
- A duo guitar/touch guitar, only improvisations until now but very promising
- A new version of my piece for 12 electric guitars and 12 strings, Regard Circulaire après Eblouissement, planned for 2017.

October - November

- On Saturday Nov. 14th will be premiered my new piece for 4 electric guitars: Etude Campanologique n°3, at the Klangwerkstatt, Festival für Neue Musik in Berlin. It will be performed by the e-guitar quartett E-Werk.

- La Fin du Rêve again on Stage with the duo Brilling-Mahnken at Intersonanzen festival on October 3rd.

August - September

- My last piece for solo classic guitar, Divergence, will be performed by Erich Schachtner at the Chilli Jazz festival in Graz (Austria) on Sept. 25th.

- Must complete the new Yang album demo. Holidays are not the best time... but men are at work!

June - July

- A new composition for e-guitar quartet at work: "Etude Campanologique n°3". First try last Sunday with e-werk: It could be the one that we will play at Klangwerkstatt Festival...

- The duo Brillings Mahnken performs "La Fin du Rêve" my piece for electric guitar and accordion on July 4th.

- First solo concert at Quiet Cue in Berlin on June 27th. Very nice evening, lot of fun playing there!

- Starting rehearsals of "Layered Winds" my last work for 4 electric guitars with e-werk. Sounds nice, we might perform it in November 1015 at the Berlin Festival Klangwerkstatt.

April - May 2015

- Composition for the next Yang album completed: 9 pieces
Recording of the entire demo to be done before summer

- 1st solo performance planned for end of June. Maybe only two pieces, Reich's e-guitar phase and Twists and Turns

Feb. March 2015

- New version of "Ostinatos", called now "Twists and Turns", conception of a new "Frames", starting to plan solo concerts.
- Working on a piece by Sidney Corbett "Detroit Rain Song Graffiti" and "I Kick My Hand" by Nick Didkovsky.

Nov. Dec. Jan.

- Working on new Yang songs and seen a lot of excellent concerts in Berlin: Annette Krebs, Samuel Blaser, Bernhard Meyer Quintett and so many others!
- Working on Steve Reich's Electric Guitar Phase


- At last! My new solo e-guitar piece, "Ostinatos" is finished. - Now back to new songs for Yang


- Interesting work as a performer : "Tablaturas espaciales", a piece for 11 guitarists and 55 guitars by the composer Osvaldo Budón. Microtonal tuned guitars hanging from the ceiling of a church.


- Working on Yang mixes, finally, we decided to record the demo with all the songs of the album.


- Adding some tracks to the Yang demo and composing some new material for the next album. - Continuing the composition of a solo e-guitar piece, started in 2011!


- What a wonderful moment at Baja Prog with Shylock! An enthusiastic audience, a kind and efficient staff, lots of fans, and some amazing new friends!


- At least the Yang demo is completed! Now searching for a nice label to release it.
- Leaving end of the month to Nice for the last rehearsals with Shylock before our concert at Baja Prog on April 5th.


- Three days of mixing with Shylock, first musical meeting with Luca. Great moments!
- A few dates planned for Lobotonics in Berlin end of May!

January 2014

- Recording Shylock "Best of", mixing starts on Feb. 7th. Didier Lustig finally withdraw, Luca Mariotti replaces him as keyboard player. A lot of work in perspective...


- Yang demo for the new album in progress, "crispy jazzy"?
- First rehearsal with a new combo: voice, baglama, e-guitar.
- Working on my guitar studies, hoping to be able to record them soon! And finishing the production of my next solo album "The Empty Room" (and no more "the hollow place"). Hoping to invite some guests to play on it!


Nice meeting with a key player and a sax player. I could perform some gigs with them and Daran (bass player)
Good news! Shylock will play at Baja Prog Festival in Mexicali on early April 2014


Already found a good (though very young) bass player for my new Berliner band, now in search of a drummer...
Get the first date for The Lobotonics in Berlin: May 24th 2014


Several 10 hours long rehearsals for the e-werk concert at the Intersonanzen festival at Potsdam on Sept. 13